Interface Innovation - management consulting for the science and technology sector

Kiki Tanousis

Director - Business Strategy

Kiki's key interest is in the development of innovative capability within an organisation. His strongest passion is removing the many obstacles that dog some of the most valuable people in our economy - the innovators.

He has led a number of projects which leverage on his strong business/ science background. He holds a BSc in Economics and a PhD in Immunology.

His business career began while an undergraduate at the London School of Economics, when he started his London property firm. He has since had led a number of UK and Australian companies, most recently as Managing Director of a highly successful manufacturing company. 

In tandem with his business interests, he pursued a medical research career, topping his year at University College London, gaining a PhD at the MRC - National Institute for Medical Research (London, UK), and holding a post-doctoral fellowship at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, also in London.

Kiki leads our business strategy capability and has conducted numerous due diligence, market entry and investment focussed assignments.

Helmut Schmidtmann

Strategic Partner – ITA GmbH

Originally a senior engineer with German machinery firm Festo, Helmut founded our partner firm ITA Group in 1974 and has provided sourcing and marketing services for many well known German companies ever since.

Based in Germany, Helmut has well over 40 years experience as an industrialist, manufacturer and distributor.

His operations have developed and placed numerous products into European markets. His Singapore production facilities employed at their peak around 200 staff, before a trade sale exit.

An industrial engineer of impeccable pedigree, Helmut is now often called upon to debug new products, as well as to source, develop, project manage and oversee high grade manufacturing in lower cost countries such as India and China.

Jag Heer

Director - Healthcare

Jag's driving interest is in preventative healthcare. A graduate in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia, he won a prestigious international student scholarship to study medicine at the University of Melbourne.

With substantial business experience in the Canadian real estate market, Jag applies his entrepreneurial outlook to the healthcare sector, melding clinical knowledge with commercial reality.

Jag has conducted a number of healthcare industry related assignments, focussing on market feasibility, formal and informal barriers, regulatory environments and competitive analysis.

He is a founder and board member of Simulation Medical Pty Ltd.

Andy Barons

Director - International Markets

Andy is passionate about building markets and nurturing efficient sales teams, both in Australia and overseas.

Specialising in technical B2B markets, Andy has overseen the growth of ELGA labwater (a division of Veolia) both as Global Sales Manager, and as Regional Sales Manager (Asia Pacific).

Andy has advised on a broad spectrum of market entry and growth initiatives. Each market has its own peculiarities, and his broad experience allows clients to identify and pursue appropriately tailored strategies.

As a former teacher, Andy is committed to targeted and effective professional development, assisting sales directors and managers to get the most from their national and international sales teams.