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Academic Institutions

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University and Public Research Organisation administrators have to manage effectively against a backdrop of diverse, and often conflicting stakeholder expectations..

Students, staff, funding bodies, research sponsors (commercial or charitable), research collaborators, state and federal governments, and of course the public - all have different perspectives and different requirements.

And sometimes, the challenge is as much to garner consensus across the different nodes of the administration, as it is to interface with other stakeholders.

More than ever before, administrators have to apply an eclectic and cross-cultural approach to their managerial tasks. And this is exactly where we can help.


Strategic Plans

-- typically at the level of department and larger.

Business Plans

-- varying from small projects to multi million dollar national initiatives.

Implementation Plans

-- usually deriving from higher order plans, like strategic or business plans.

Fundraising Plans

-- within an academic context, more usually philanthropic fundraising.

Business Development Plans

-- from small start-ups to national consortia.

Stakeholder Management Plans

-- of varying complexity, depending on the client’s size and scope.

Risk Management Plans

-- of varying depth, depending on purpose.

Plan Implementation

-- it is often more cost efficient to take a plan through first stage implementation, allowing the organisation to make any operational transition as smoothly as possible.

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Needs Analysis

-- unique to each assignment.

Market Analysis

-- from desk-based to primary research, usually a combination.

Feasibility Analysis

-- invariably underpinned by market data (both supply and demand).

Stakeholder Analysis

-- unique to each assignment with the breadth dictated by the particular brief.

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Assessment and Evaluation

Commercial Assessment

-- an integrated task usually drawing upon market, technical and capability assessments.

Capability Assessment

-- the flipside of Needs Analysis, stimulates self awareness and discovery across an organisation.

Policy Assessment and Program Evaluation

-- typically a mixture of high standard Qualitative and Quantitative analysis. Often includes an element of national or international benchmarking.

Cost Benefit Assessment

-- Often modified to Cost-Utility analysis within healthcare environments.

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Through a unique combination of acumen and rigour, we provide a customised approach, on time and on budget.

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